Faq - Plantation/Shutters/Blinds/Window-Shutters


Do I have to pay for a consultation?
No! We send a fully trained consultant to your home to survey, measure and discuss your shutter requirements. This visit is free of charge and without any obligation.
How long do my shutters take to get delivered?

Lead times for standard shutters are from 8 weeks but dependent on the bespoke nature of your order, any special shapes take a little longer.  Also when in the year your order is placed (e.g in proximity to Chinese New Year) can affect lead times. Please discuss this with your consultant at the time of the survey

Will the quoted price go up after ordering and when fitting the shutters

No, our fees are completely transparent and fixed. The price will be quoted during your consultation and this is the price you will pay.

How long are the shutters guaranteed for?

Your shutters are guaranteed for 5 years from the point of installation. This includes any quality issues on the shutters or fitting.

Where are the plantation shutters made?

The shutters are manufactured in China. We have our own dedicated facility, where our uniquely designed shutters are manufactured. We then have containers leaving weekly to our UK distribution centre.

How does the payment process work, do I have to pay 100% upfront?

We require 50% of the payment upfront at the time of placing the order. The remaining 50% is due prior to installation when we book in your fitting appointment.

Can I get an idea of costing before my consultation?

Yes. By giving us a rough measurement of the windows using our pricing app on the website we can give you a ballpark estimate of how much your shutters will cost for supply and fit.