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Plantation Shutters in Bristol

Do you want to add some style to your home without spending too much time or effort?

Plantation Shutters are a great way to achieve both goals. They come in a variety of styles and colours, and they can be installed easily with the right company.

Plantation Shutters are a type of window covering that was originally designed to block out the sun during hot summer days. Nowadays, they are also known for their ability to enhance the look of a room.

Plantation Shutters offer several benefits. They improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and provide privacy. They can also be customized to fit almost any design scheme.

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The shutters range is varied in both colour and styles but please investigate and find the perfect solution. it’s just finding the right shutter company that carry a range of plantation shutters at a competitive price.

Plantation Shutters Company in Bristol
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Window Shutter Costs in Bristol

If you’re interested in adding plantation shutters to your house, here are five things you should know before making a purchase:

1) What Are The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters?
You might have heard that these types of windows coverings are popular because they make rooms more private. But did you know there are other benefits as well?

2) How Do You Measure For A Custom Plantation Window Covering?
When it comes to selecting the perfect plantation shutter for your home, you need to consider a few factors such as size, color, and material. If you don’t measure properly, you could end up paying extra money for an installation that doesn’t work well with your space.

3) Which Type Should I Choose?
There are two main types of plantation shutters – wooden and vinyl. Both options will give you the same results, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wooden shutters tend to last longer than vinyl ones, but they require regular maintenance. Vinyl shutters usually cost less than wood, but they might fade over time.

4) Can I Install My Own Plantation Shutter?

Not all companies sell custom-made shutters. Some only install pre-designed products. Others may allow you to choose from a limited selection of designs. When shopping around, ask if you can customize the product. It’s always worth asking questions when purchasing anything.

5) Is There An Installation Charge?
Some companies charge additional fees for installation services. Make sure you check this out before deciding on which company to hire.

Once you decide what kind of plantation shutter is best for your home, you can start.
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Louvred Shutters

The term ‘shutters’ refers to a set of movable panels that are used to protect a window or door from sunlight, rain, wind, dust, etc. These devices help to keep light, air, and noise inside a building. Also called ‘window blinds, shutters are available in many different styles and materials.

Cardiff French Door Shutters
Plantation Bedroom Shutters for French doors

Types of Shutters

Wooden shutters are still very common today. They are made from wood, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, or even metal. Wooden shutters are typically found in traditional homes. Their appearance varies depending on the type of wood used.
Vinyl shutters are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and ease of use. Vinyl is a cheap alternative to wood. However, it does not hold up to heavy weather conditions like wooden shutters. but think about a bespoke range it’s a large investment so get it right.

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Quality Plantation Shutters in Bristol

Quality plantation shutters are not cheap but buy ones and buy right. That’s the old saying so whether it’s traditional shutters or something a little more modern we have a huge range of shutters to show you.

Cardiff French Door Shutters
Plantation Bedroom Shutters for French doors

Indoor Window Shutters

Most people think about outdoor shutters when considering plantation shutters. Yet, there are plenty of unique ways to use them indoors too! Louvered shutters are designed to let extra light into your home while keeping heat and noise outside. Louvered shutters are ideal for covering bay, bow, side, or French windows. Window shapes and style options will be a factor in your purchase but most people go for traditional shutters ie white hardwood plantation shutters.

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Online Shutter Cost Calculator

Use our online shutter cost calculator its a great tool and will give you an instant price for your shutters just add the sizes and type of shutter you require

Outdoor Louvered Shutters

A louver style shutter is easy to operate and maintain. In most cases, no tools are needed for assembly or disassembly. Simply lift the top panel and slide it down. Then push it back up. Louver shutters come in various sizes and colors. You can also buy larger versions that cover whole windows.

How To Buy & Install Indoor Louvered  Shutters

1) Measure Your Space

Before buying any indoor shutter, make sure you have the right measurements. Take accurate measurements of every window or door in your home. This includes width, height, and depth. You should also note any doors or walls that block access to certain rooms.

2) Decide Whether You Want Fixed Or Sliding Louvered Shutters

Fixed shutters are great for small spaces, where you want to maximize the amount of space you use. The panels stay shut until they are lifted manually. Fixed shutters are usually easier to transport as well.

Sliding shutters are perfect for large areas. They move easily from one position to another. This makes them easy to open and close without having to bend over. They are also more durable than fixed shutters.

3) Find A Company That Can Help With Installing Louvered Shutter Doors

If you don’t know much about shutters, then hiring an expert can be helpful. Most companies offer free estimates and installation services.

High-Quality Plantation Shutters in Bristol

High-quality plantation shutters will increase the price of your property and give your home drive-by appeal they add a level of security and can help you save money on energy costs both in the summer and winter months by keeping to sun out and also keeping heat within the building. so think about shutters being eco-friendly, all-natural temperature control systems.

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