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The Downside of Working for a Salary

Full-time jobs are long-term commitments that aren’t always as satisfying as you’d wish. Bound by preordained rules and regulations, there isn’t much under your control. Here are five disadvantages of full-time jobs that might be making to want to quit yours: 1. Unfulfillment: With little room for personal growth,...

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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

As a business-oriented social network, LinkedIn holds great potential for individuals trying to expand their business and professional connections. Here are five ways in which you can use LinkedIn to promote your business: 1. Participating in group discussions: Being part of business groups is a great way to increase...

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How to Use Business Networking Groups

Business networking groups such as BNI, LeTip, and Biz to Biz are a great way of effective word-of-mouth marketing and increasing your business connections. It helps you make new contacts, expand your business experience, learn from others in your field and polish your social skills. If you...

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Becoming Self-Employed and All Benefits

The freelancing and entrepreneurship market has been rising in recent years, and not unreasonably so either. People are looking beyond those regular paychecks because they understand the promising potential of these markets. Here are the five main benefits of self-employment that attract the crowd: 1. Self-determined working hours: Unlike...

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How Economy will Bounce Back in 2021

COVID19 and lockdowns resulted in a roller coaster for the economy, but things are finally stabilizing and looking positive. The economy is steadily rising due to the revival of the market demand after the pandemic. Here are three ways in which this is happening: 1. High real-estate demand: Due...

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What is Your 5-Year Plan?

Having a five-year plan is all about having direction in life and knowing the areas where you want improvement. Aiming for a better lifestyle requires a lot of premeditation and a well thought-out course of action. If you, too are intending to improve your lifestyle in the foreseeable future,...

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