Window Bathroom shutters

Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom plantation shutters can add privacy and elegance to your bathroom, help keep the room cooler during warm summer months and keep the heat in the room in the colder times.

Plantation Shutters are popular in homes with large windows because of their ability to reduce heat gain or loss from the home. The slats on plantation shutters are spaced far apart so that they don’t block any light coming into the window. This means that these shutters will not restrict the amount of natural sunlight entering a room. If you live in a part of the country where the sun is intense during the day shutters will keep your house cooler than if it was left open to the elements. In addition, many people choose plantation shutters for their aesthetic appeal. They give an elegant look to the interior of the home.

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Should I use uPVC plantation shutters in the bathroom

There is a lot of steam in the bathroom so uPVC shutters might be the best option for keeping this area cool. However, if you have a wooden floor then wooden shutters would work better as they won’t cause any damage to the wood. you must consider the exposure to water this the bathroom area
You could use hardwood so long as the water spray is not going to come in contact with the shutter. When choosing plantation shutters for the bathroom, there are several things that should be considered: Where do you plan on placing the bath or shower? You may want to consider using plantation shutters in this space. It’s important to note that when selecting bathroom shutters, it is very difficult to find shutters with glass windows. These types of shutters are usually made out of wood or uPVC.

What style of plantation shutter should I use in the bathroom?

I would use a full-height plantation shutter door for the bathroom. This type of shutter has slats all the way up the sides and down the center of the frame. This allows plenty of ventilation while still providing privacy in the bathroom. you could use cafe-style shutters if your room is not overlooked by other rooms or outside windows. Or a tier-on tier shutter might be a good choice if you are concerned about privacy from neighbours. you still want to get natural light coming through your bathroom windows when needed. the full height shutters are a perfect choice for a bathroom in my opinion and I would say to go for a white shutter you will have maximum light control and maximum privacy when taking a relaxing bath.

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How tall should my bathroom plantation shutters be?

The height of your bathroom plantation shutters depends on how much privacy you need. If you don’t care about privacy at all, you could go for smaller shutters. But if you require more privacy, larger shutters will provide more security.

Can I get advice on shutters for my bathroom?

If you’re looking for some advice on bathroom shutters, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help answer questions like “what size bathroom shutters should I buy?” and “how do I install bathroom shutters?”. We also do a free home survey to show samples and take all the window sizes and so on.

Is it a free no-obligation survey ?

Yes, it’s completely free – we just ask for your email address and we’ll send you a link to download our brochure this will give you some ideas prior to us visiting you