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Window Shutters Styles

Our Shutter Ranges

Hybra Wood

This shutter range is high quality and durable and available in 4 slat sizes,13 paints options, and with a choice of 4 control rod options. The outer bones of the shutter (frame, rails, and stiles) are constructed from Paulownia hardwood with ultra-durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl shutter slats. This makes it significantly longer lasting than many other entry level shutters on the market. Built to last, these shutters are strong and will well age with time.

Paulownia Wood

Paulownia wood has a fine and knot free grain which makes it the perfect hardwood for shutters. Available in our full range of options – 13 smooth paints & 11 smooth wood stains. We can also supply Paulownia in 4 Limewash finishes. A Limewash finish clearly exposes the woods deeper grain. If your décor is rustic or shabby chic or you like a driftwood appearance then Limewash could be the finish option for you.
Although it’s a hardwood Paulownia is approx. 1/3 lighter in weight when compared to other hardwoods. This makes it an excellent choice for Tier-on-Tier shutters or wider openings.
It’s great for the environment too. A single plantation can be harvested several times, providing a sustainable, renewable source of timber. The Paulownia shutter range has a scalloped style Clearview rod which is designed to allow slat operation without any strain on the wood slats. The range offers all 4 rod control options (Central, Off set, Clearview and Hidden)
Shaped shutters, Tracked shutters and Solid shutters are also available in Paulownia wood.


Fast growing Basswood has a smooth & even grain making it an ideal choice for painted shutters. This premium wood is heavier and harder than Paulownia wood and is our recommendation for those areas of very high traffic or when fitting shutters in a commercial setting where shutters will undergo a lot of handling by different people. Available in all slat sizes and shutter styles except Solid shutters.


An outstanding shutter with the deepest of wood grains. Ash Hardwood is one of the finest materials a shutter can be carved from. Working with our trusted wood suppliers we select only the best grade Ash to build this premium shutter range from. It’s a cut above the rest. The unrivalled deep grain can be accentuated with a rich stained finish or you can opt for a painted finish to ensure your painted shutters really stand out from the rest. If you want to see & admire the grain variation that naturally occurs in wood then this is the range for you.

Full Height

Full height shutters are perfect for those who wish to have the privacy we can split the opening 50/50 to create a degree of light coming from the top of the louvre opening this offers complete light control.

Full height Offficial Shutters
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Cafe Style

Cafe Style shutters give you the option of blocking the view to the room but still getting lots of daylight into the room. they work well if light is a problem.

Cafe Style Shutters Cardiff
Cafe Style Window Shutters


Tier on Tier is such a flexible option the top shutters can be folded back when needed to let the daylight into the room and give you views from your home

Tier On Tier Shutters design
Bedroom colored Shutters

Bay Window

Bay window shutters look amazing from both inside and outside the property you can combine them using tier on tier system and can fold back the top section when needed.

Bay Window Style
Interior shutters windows Cardiff


Tracked shutters are used on french doors or larger window the ease of use factor is probably the number one feature of this shutter

Window Shutters Design Plantation
Living Area Window Shutters Blind


Special shaped the product can be made in most shapes and sizes if you have a special requirement please get in touch we’ll need to template the shape and get back t you with CAD drawings prior to manufacture

Shutters Design Cardiff
Solid Bed Room Window Shutters


Combination work really well if you want to separate a room say a dining area from a lounge or use with French doors and want to keep the lower section blanked off they are custom made so the options really are endless

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Special Shapes

Special Shapes, We can make shutters in most special shapes they will take a little longer as there is a lot more work in producing this type of plantation shutter, I has to be template drawn and checked but the results are amazing

Shutters View Cardiff
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Solid Shutters

We offer Solid Shutters in our Paulownia Hardwood. Inspired by the Victorian era these solid panels can be supplied with either a Solid Raised insert or with a Solid Shaker insert. These shutters will offer the best in room darkness but do not offer the same flexibility as plantation shutters as they must be fully opened during the day. There is however an option to order a Combination Style shutter, with a solid part on the bottom and your choice of slat size & control rod option on the top section. A divider rail will separate the two sections but these combination panels are always full height and will always open as one.

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shutters windows Cardiff


Bi-Fold doors work extremely well with french or bifold doors that are over 2.4m the tracking system will help keep the doors inline as the weight of the door is something to consider.

Shutters Style View
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Key Facts Regarding Shutters

Once surveyed, changes must not be made to the window or surrounding area. Changes could affect the fitting of bespoke shutters (e.g. wall plaster, new tap or windowsill or window handles).

Not all windows are square, so the installer may need to use decorators caulk or trim or carry out a small degree of planning to the wood shutter frame to ensure shutters fit 100% level in some openings.

There may be obstructions like skirting boards or dado rails which will need to be altered. The surveyor should explain.

Shutters are not a blackout product and there may be small light gaps around shutters, especially with 3- sided frame installations.

Café shutters cover the lower section of the window only & usually they are fitted with a 3-sided frame with no piece of frame on the top.

Full height shutters are best fitted with 4 sided frames. Panels can have a dividing rail inserted or a split in the Clearview or Hidden rod mechanism. All options will allow separate movement of slats on top and bottom. However, a full height panel will always move as one.

Tier on tier shutters need a 4- sided frame. Tier on tier means top and bottom panels are separate and can open and function independently from each other. This design is best suited to taller or narrow windows. Wider windows are often best fitted with full height shutter panels. We can supply T posts to support wider installations.
Tracked shutters will have a bigger light gap at the top and the bottom of the panels.

Inward opening windows require special consideration. If window functionality could be restricted after shutters are installed, this should be explained at the point of survey. We offer Vintage L frames and Camber Deco frames which can help overcome such challenges.
Items which can restrict the shutter fitting could be removed prior to installation (e.g. BT boxes, alarm boxes, curtains and poles, large furniture)