Window Blinds | Heat Loss and Stopping it With Window Blinds

Heat Loss and Stopping it With Window Blinds

Heat Loss and Stopping it With Window Blinds

The loss of heat through double glazed windows is up to 35% and more if you have older or single glazed windows according to a study by The Green Age you’re losing 35% via the walls if they are not insulated correctly and 25% via the roof.

Energy bills have increased in 2022 by around £100 per month per household so it’s time we do everything we can to stop the loss and play a part in all going green.

Energy Performance

Energy performance is something we need to consider. There will be some advice on your home’s Energy Performance Certificate. If you don’t have it, search for it online at If you don’t have the certificate, download it and start thinking how you can improve on your house’s performance as all heat loss is costing money and now more than ever.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my house?

Effective insulation is the only way, double glazing and good draught-proofing are great ways to make a house more energy efficient. A fast fix is to get thermal blinds fitted in all windows. You might be interested to know about the cost of blind installation.
This will have an immediate payback and also improve the look of the property from both outside and inside.

Wall and roof insulation for your home

The loft insulation can be done yourself as laying roll insulation is not a difficult job to do but a great deal of care must still be taken and the correct PPE will be needed. The will insulation will need to be carried out by a specialist company. There’s a great article on the rockwool site Reduce your energy bills some great tips and advice so take a look.

How can I make an older house more energy efficient ?

Old houses are usually the least energy efficient, with uninsulated walls, single glazed windows and gaps in doors and window frames that let cold air in and heat out. So spending money on the right products is essential. Investing (and that’s what it is) in the right amount of insulation, double glazing and draught-proofing solutions such as window blinds or shutters are the best ways to make existing buildings far more energy efficient.

UK energy bills is rising faster than ever before

Now the energy price cap is set to rise by an eye-watering 54% in April across England, Wales and Scotland, Energy bills are set to go up again. Those people on the fixed-rate tariff might not see an immediate price increase, but the average household on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see energy costs jump by approximately £693 a year, from £1,277 to £1,971 depending on all factors.
The increase has been driven mainly by a record rise in the global gas prices over a period of the last six months, with wholesale prices having quadrupled in the last year.
Your energy bill is made up of more than just the cost of the gas or electricity you’ve used. There are wholesale costs, network costs, operating costs, social and environmental commitments and VAT to consider. But, if you cut down on your energy consumption, you will help decrease the cost of your bills.

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