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Plantation Shutters Company Bridgend supplying and installation of Hardwood Plantation Shutters for your home.

Plantation shutters company in Bridgend is your local plantation shutter company offering the very best quality hardwood shutters. We offer a Free no-obligation home visit to find out your needs. We first sit and chat with you and find out what colour you’re considering, what style of plantation shutter doors the slat size, and how many windows you wish to fit shutters.

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After detailing the information you have given us we carry out the measure survey on all windows and doors in the property that you want shutters this will take about an hour to complete. We can then get back to the office and input all the information into our system and create a detailed quotation for the client we’ll then email the quote to the client if you come back with any changes this will be done and a revised quote will be sent back to you and at this point we leave you to think about what has been discussed and sent in email we never keep calling or emailing trying to push you into a decision this is not the way we do business.

If at this point you wish to order we take a deposit and get the shutters into manufacture the shutters will take about 12 weeks to deliver and as soon as we get the shutters we make an appointment to carry out the installation and this takes about a day to complete.

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Plantation Shutters Types

There are many different types of shutters, styles and colors that’s the reason we leave a brochure with you when we visit  or you can download one by clicking this link Shutters Brochure

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This will help you decide on what type of shutter works best for you in your property it’s not a decision you want to rush as its a large investment I’ll list a few of the shutters types below:

plantation blinds Shutters Measurement

Full Height Plantation Shutters

This is a full height plantation shutters doors that can be used in a casement, sash or bay window we can split.The opening slat so you can leave the bottom of the shutter slats closed and tilt to top to let light into the room.

Tier On Tier Shutters design

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutter

Tier on tier plantation shutters doors work well in offering you the opportunity to open the top shutter doors while leaving the bottom doors closed this will help with keeping the rooms private but still letting lots of daylight onto the room when needed. They look great in the bay windows.

Cafe Style Shutters Cardiff

Cafe Style Plantation Shutter Doors

Cafe style shutters are doors that only cover half or a little more of the window so if you don’t want to completely cover the window with a shutter this is probably the best option for you. They can be used in bay, sash or casement windows

Shutters View Cardiff

Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters help when you have that shaped window it’s a little more work but it can be done. I’ve had all types of windows that have had to be manufactured so please get in touch if you need help with this one.

Bay Window Style

Bi-Folding Plantation Shutter Doors

Bi-folding plantation shutter doors work very well with french doors they will bifold when not closed to open up the space to the garden but you still have the option of closing completely in the evenings to keep the sun out of the room or heat within the room and a great for adding extra security to the home when your not at home.

Window Shutters Design Plantation

Sliding Door Plantation Shutters

Sliding door plantation shutters work extremely well if space is an issue and you don’t want the doors bifolding into the room. Or if you have a sliding glass door with a fixed panel of glass you can slide the shutters to the fixed side of the door frame. The doors run on a tracked system and are smooth and very quiet


How do you measure a bay window or any other window for shutters?

PThe quickest and easiest way for you to get an idea of cost is to use our quick quote calculator Click Here enter your window dimensions and this will give you an instant price we will happily supply you with a guide price for consideration as we are sure you’ll be happy with the price.

If you’re unsure how to take the measurements, please take a look at the how do I measure for window shutters article on our website, which includes step-by-step instructions for how to measure shutters for any type of bay window.

where we will discuss the design factors and your configuration options, show you some samples, and take the final measurements of your windows.

Are you ready to get plantation shutters?

Some common questions answered to help you in the process

I’m worried about the cost of plantation shutters for my bay windows. I’ve got two bays at the front of my property. Is it going to be expensive for the two?

One of the things we adore about plantation shutters is that they look like an expensive, product choice but when you get the right company in, they are fantastic value for money. They are well known to add what estate agents call ‘The curb appeal, which will even add to the value of your property.
Take a look at all the bay window shutters on our gallery page or go to the bay window shutters page to see the styles and examples.

I have café style plantation shutters on my bay window and want to add a top tier, is this possible?

Well the short answer is probably, and we are always happy to try to help you but there are a couple of things you have to consider. To turn café style plantation shutters into a two-tiered shutter the whole frame might need replacing which we can certainly arrange provided we supplied the original shutters. it might be tempting to go for café style shutters initially, if you think you may want to add the second tier at some point in the future we would always recommend going for the tier on tier option from the offset as it’s more expensive in the long run to add this second tier to the original frame. The final decision is always down to the customer though and we’re here to help you in any way we can.

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What plantation shutter style can I have in a bay window?

Full height shutters in a box bay window There are many different design options available for a traditional bay window.
Full Height shutters tend to be the most popular and practical in design, but we can discuss alternatives such as Café Style Tier on Tier in the home survey. Full Height negates the need for any further window dressing and will create privacy and complete light control.
Tier-on-tier shutters in an angled bay window As mentioned above, at your free home design visit we’ll walk you through the options that you have in some detail, which include choosing the appropriate materials, colours and finish for your plantation shutters.

What are the benefits of having shutters in a bay window?

Lots of our customers tell us how they wish they’d had the plantation shutters installed years ago! Once they are fitted, the versatility of bay window plantation shutters becomes evident. It’s not just the obvious curb appeal or stylish finish to the outside. They offer a degree of privacy to what are often road-facing rooms. They also make a room feel a lot bigger as there are no curtains hanging down or cutting across the front of the bay itself.

Will our shutters fold back?

Many companies will use individual framed units which are then butted together to dress the window. We may use this mounting style in a Victorian bay, for example, where there are large mullions between the window frames. In more modern windows, where we can, we will use a different method and create a complete frame using a bay or corner post.
Bay posts are standard 135 degrees but can be customised to any angle and are a solid vertical internal frame post that follows the angle of your bay window. Corner posts are used for a box or square bay windows and turn 90 degrees. The idea of the post is to give us a mounting for the panels and be able to build a complete framed unit to match your window in which we can hang these panels. We would note here that unlike curtains on a curved rail, our shutters cannot be completely withdrawn from the window. All panels will open for access to the window but the centre sections will fold over the side when opened.
If you want to send us an image of your window with the dimensions, we can try and assess and advise on this further for you, ahead of a design visit.

Will they help insulate the room?

Shutters in a bay window, which may have the original windows in, will increase insulation and make a room warmer by reducing heat loss. Conversely, in the summer, they help keep a room cooler.
shutters for bay windows cost

Are window shutters worth it?

Absolutely. Yes. 100%!
Many new customers ponder if interior window shutters are a worthy buy particularly as we.

Do window shutters prevent heat loss?

Read more 0% 0% finance is available over 12 months which requires a minimum 25% deposit. Find out more FAQs Most people have a few questions about shutters. We’re almost certain to have the answer to yours here. Find out more Request a brochure Get inspired and have all of our vital information easily to hand. Just fill in a few details and we’ll send you a copy of our brochure. Find out more Where we work We’re a South East shutter leader based in Bromley, with happy customers across London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire. Further afield? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to reach you. Find out more Get in touch to arrange your quote We’ll be happy to pay you a visit so we can offer tailored, personal advice about all your shutter options. 02087761484 Get in touch

How much do bay window shutters cost?

Bay window shutters, and indeed all our shutters, are costed on the overall size of the window and the material used for the shutters – we have a wide product range for you to choose from.
Shutters are not expensive when you consider your alternative options and how long they’re going to last.

Can I install bay window shutters myself?

We offer a full design and installation service and we would always recommend this over self- fit. We take responsibility for taking the measurements to the exact millimetre and the angles required to provide a perfect set of shutters for your bay. We liaise with the factory over any queries they may have regarding production and we will then come and install these for you as soon as they are delivered. We have all of the necessary tools and equipment and, as importantly, experience to ensure a perfect installation. What’s more, we take away all of the rubbish so no trips to the tip for you to fit into your busy schedule.
Upstairs windows dressed in Maresfield, East Sussex, including two bays Shutters for a whole art deco house in Fareham, Hampshire Floor to ceiling full height shutters show off this modern house in Brighton Café Style shutters for box bay windows in porch in Uckfield, East Sussex Full height shutters for multiple rooms in Cuckfield new build

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