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Plantation Shutters Questions

Plantation Shutters Questions

Are plantation shutters expensive?
No. Considering plantation shutters are of such high quality, and are made to such a high spec, plantation shutters are not considered expensive at all. On average you can expect to pay between £300 and £360 per square metre, though of course, prices do vary.

Are plantation shutters blackout?
Not completely. Plantation shutters don’t provide total blackout as they do allow a small amount of light to seep between the louvres, as well as the panel and the frame. They are however, very effective at shutting out daylight and there are room darkening solutions available if necessary.

Are plantation shutters out of style?
Absolutely not. Plantation shutters not only look the part, but they’re also in demand as a result of the materials used to make them, which has a much smaller carbon footprint. Not only that, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing, durable, and offer impressive light-filtering capabilities.

Are plantation shutters worth it?
Yes. Plantation shutters not only look great, they’re also easy to use, durable, and great at filtering light. Plantation shutters help to save on energy costs, there’s little maintenance involved, and they can add value to homes and properties, making them a very worthwhile investment.

Are plantation shutters energy efficient?
Yes. Compared with curtains and blinds, plantation shutters are amongst the most energy efficient window dressings that one could wish for. Plantation shutters act as a fantastic insulation source against heat loss in the winter, plus they can help to keep cold air out as they trap cool air between the window and the shutters themselves. They’re also useful in hot weather as in the summer they can help to keep heat out and keep the home cooler.

Are plantation shutters easy to clean?
Yes. As opposed to curtains and blinds which regularly need taking down and cleaning properly, plantation shutters are low maintenance and very easy to clean. You can remove dust with a vacuum, and give them a wipe every so often with a simple white vinegar cleaning solution to keep them clean and sterile.

Are plantation shutters better than curtains?
There is no one true answer to this question as it is subjective. Some people prefer curtains, whereas others prefer shutters. In terms of maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency however, plantation shutters are most certainly superior when compared with curtains. As much as 30% of a home’s energy is lost through the windows, and shutters have been found to reduce heat loss more impressively than curtains and blinds.

Are plantation shutters easy to fit?
If you purchase plantation shutters, it is always recommended that you have them professionally installed by a trained and qualified expert. Fitting plantation shutters yourself is a difficult job and if you don’t know what you’re doing you run the risk of damaging your windows, and also your shiny new shutters. We’ll be happy to put forward a quotation for the shutters

Can plantation shutters be cut down?
Plantation shutters can be trimmed and cut using a stationary power saw, a radial arm saw, or a table saw. You must not use a hand saw as this makes it difficult to make accurate cuts, and the last thing you want are uneven shutters.

Can plantation shutters be painted?
In theory you can paint your plantation shutters, just like you can paint anything. That doesn’t, however, mean that you should. Plantation shutters are made from high quality wood and are finished to the highest specs so painting them is not advisable. Not only could this negatively impact the appearance of the shutters, it could also affect their overall quality and integrity.

Can plantation shutters be repaired?
Yes. Despite plantation shutters being durable and made to a very high standard, general wear and tear can eventually take its toll on them, plus they may be damaged in other ways as well. The good news is that repairing broken slats on your shutters, or replacing them, is a simple and straightforward job. Fixing a tilt rod mechanism is also a very simple process.

Can plantation shutters be installed on casement windows?
Absolutely. Plantation shutters work incredibly well on casement windows. It doesn’t matter whether your casement swings from the top, bottom, or the sides, plantation shutters can be built and fitted to the exact specs of your casement windows.

Can plantation shutters be installed on any window?
Yes. Another reason why plantation shutters are so popular is down to the fact that they can be installed and fitted on virtually any type of window found in the UK. The shutters are highly versatile and fit a variety of different window styles, making them hugely popular.

Can plantation shutters be opened?
Yes. Every shutter panel is held into place with strong magnets. Each shutter panel is hinged into the shutter frame and consequently each panel can swing open entirely by simply pulling on the panel, allowing the shutters to swing open.

Can plantation shutters be blackout?
Yes. Though less common, as people do require blackout shutters for many different reasons, it is possible to purchase blackout plantation shutters for rooms which need to be almost entirely dark. These shutters are great for people that work nights, for nurseries, for home cinemas, for offices, or simply for rooms that need plenty of darkness at times during the day.

Can plantation shutters be used outside?
Yes. Outdoor plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design, and for good reason. Outdoor plantation shutters are made from much stronger and more durable materials which are designed to withstand the elements and wipe clean easily, all while being rust-resistant and long-lasting in the process.

How do plantation shutters work?
Plantation shutters are basically wooden, slatted blinds which sit snugly and securely within their own unique frame. The louvres, or slats, as they are also known, can be adjusted from fully open to fully closed, as well as being angled anywhere in between. This allows you to control how much light and/or air you allow into your room.

How plantation shutters are made?
Plantation shutters are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing factories using high tech machinery and equipment to create a strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing set of shutters that look fantastic in any property.

How plantation shutters are installed?
It is always best to have your shutters installed by a professional fitter who knows exactly what they are doing. First measurements will be taken of the window/windows where the shutters will be installed, then the shutters will be fitted. Indoor shutters are mounted within the window, whereas outdoor shutters attach to the wall around the opening to the window.

What plantation shutters are best?
In truth there is no answer to this question because it’s subjective. You can purchase hardwood shutters, faux wood shutters, composite shutters, vinyl shutters, and even hybrid shutters combining faux wood with hardwood. Whichever you deem the best will depend on your preferences, your property, and your own personal circumstances.

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